Fall Virtual Magnet Showcase!

We can't wait to share our International Studies Magnet Program with prospective 8th grade applicants and their parents! On Tuesday, October 27th at 6:30 pm we will host our main Performing Arts Center Presentation on North Cobb Video's YouTube Channel (see link below). After the presentation concludes, please access LIVE breakout sessions at 7:20pm, 7:45pm and 8:10pm via Zoom. Teachers, students, and parents will provide information and answer your questions about: Transition to Freshman Year; Extracurricular Activities, Travel, and Student Support. We will also have a session full of alumni sharing their experience in college and beyond! Each session will be repeated at each time so you can attend 3 of the 5!

If you'd like to receive more information about our Spring Open House, and many other activities at North Cobb School for International Studies, join our Class of 2025 Information group!

6:30-7:20 MAIN PRESENTATION on YouTube: https://youtu.be/gBECyCaXIOI
Mentimeter - Play Along!
At 6:30pm I will share our Mentimeter presentation so you can interact with us! Visit www.menti.com and enter Session code 42 05 29 to join us live!

7:20p; 7:45p; 8:10p - Zoom Breakout Sessions ALL SESSIONS REPEATED AT EACH TIME! Attend any 3 of the 6!

Welcome to Magnet: From Middle School to College-Level Rigor
Meeting ID: 984 9206 7021 Passcode: 892233

Exploring the World at Home and Abroad
Meeting ID: 942 7589 9959 Passcode: 164689

Magnet Warriors: A Community of Support
Meeting ID: 963 8218 4900 Passcode: 772422

Getting Connected to NCHS Outside the Classroom
Meeting ID: 910 1503 3629 Passcode: 559278

Parent to Parent: Guiding a Magnet Warrior Through Advanced Academics
Meeting ID: 939 6189 6489 Passcode: 659635

Where Next?: Alumni Share Their Journey Beyond Magnet
Meeting ID: 964 4381 6576 Passcode: 881878