Magnet Senior Presentations

Presentations of Magnet Research will take place on Saturday, February 3rd, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM in the North Cobb Freshman Academy.

The Research presentations are the culmination of a year and a half of focused study.

Please plan to park in the upper lot (off of Nowlin Road) if attending.

For a list of morning presentations, click HERE.

For a list of afternoon presentations, click HERE.

Class of 2018 NCSIS Senior Presentations, 2/3/18

Gabrielle Nwachukwu         9:00

Nanosilver Versus Aquatic Life

Abbey Milwicz                  9:30        

Dangers Lurking in Your Garden: GM Crops and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Sydni Ladd                          10:00     

A Warming Earth and Tornadoes Near You

Andrew Brady                   10:30     

El Nino Event Location and Eastern US Wintertime Temperatures

Onyi Okeke                        11:00     

Malaria & Global Warming

Evan Morning                   11:30     

How Does Soil pH's Affect NPP of Plants?

Godsgift Caleb                  9:00        

Athletic Success; Ethnicity and Immigration

Kholeigh Foster                 9:30        

The Impact of Theology on Social Media

Jordan Sesan     10:00     

Adolescence and Social Awareness

Brandon Allen   10:30     

Ni Hao, How's your English?

Stefanie Garcia          11:00

Alcohol in the Media

Anthony Graham             9:00

Eating Habits Among High School Students and Athletes

Sierra Osakwe          9:30

The Correlation Between Premature Birth and Food Allergies

Sydney Sims       10:00

Diabetes: Socioeconomic Status and Accessibility

Kristen Dyer       10:30

How Age Effects the Awareness of the Neonatal Disease Screening Process

Kaylin Altman   11:00

Breastfeeding VS. Formula Feeding: Which is Healthier for Your Child?

Jackson Gallman              11:30

If Your Head Takes a Major Blow, Then Good Grades Will Start to Go?

Oscar Pearson   9:00


Skylar Mitchell 9:30

How Cross-Platform Advertising Affects Individual Buying Behavior

Malik Balogun   10:00

Resource Consumption and Intrastate Conflict

Davis Webster  10:30

Predicting the fall of Empires: Politics, Economics, and Militaries

Julianna Isbitts 11:00

The Politics of Praying: Religiosity and Political Polarization

Azariah Burrell  11:30

Race Relations in the United States: A Post-Race Society

Zorae Tomlin     9:00        

Height and Race in Soccer

Javarius McGee                9:30        

Respiration on Swimming

Brandon Moore                10:00     

Can Exercise Improve the Emotional Distress in Adolescence?

Abby Jeske         10:30     

Caffeine's Effect on High School Runners’ Performance

Shiv Pandya       11:00     

Brain Stimulation and Athletic Performance

Jayden Bourne  11:30     

Does Exercise Really Reduce Stress Levels?

Hannah Leahy   9:00

Goosebumps: Reacting to Music

Jessica Lee          9:30

Applying Music Preference to Optical Illusions

Victoria Green  10:00

Music Manipulation

Zachariah Rivera              10:30

Family, Friends, and Music Preference

Justin Pumillo                   11:00

Music Therapy on Agitation in Dementia Patients

Kaylee-Anna Hurlston   9:00        

Fear Differentiating in Adolescents & Adults

Baleigh Krause                  9:30        

Feeling Colors

Daniel Duke                       10:00     

Advertisement Color and Consumer Response

Seth Rhodes                      10:30     

Perception of Nonverbal Expressions

Liam McFarland                11:00     

The Fundamentals of Stress in Adolescents Revealed

Kinsey Dupree           11:30
 Social Situations Affecting State of Mind

Cameron Laposata          9:00        

How Critic Ratings Affect Viewer Satisfaction of Film

Rebekah Cheshier           9:30        

Media and Perceived Health

Peyton Hayes                    10:00     

Ethics and Environmental Attitudes

Denia Carlton                    10:30     

How Groups Influence the Actions of Individuals

Sara Kent                            11:00     

Adolescents and Mental Health Stigma

Hawa Sylla                          11:30     

African American Women and Their Self-Esteem

Memorial Presentation :Arielle Sterrett                12:30     

Rheumatoid Arthritis:  Lifestyle and Environment

Thomas Fitzgerald           1:00        

Comparing Pollutants and Energy of Solar and Fossil Fuel Plants

Ian Drury                             1:30        

Differences in Atomic Mass Between Molecular Clouds

Mackenzie Sicard             2:00        

Changing the Future of STEM Education

Liz Ragsdale                       2:30        

Using Video Games to Interest Students in Coding

Ricky Zhang                        3:00        

Computer Science Language Efficiency

Ronny Huang                     3:30        

Have you Been Phished?

Alex Llamas                        1:00        

Blue Light Waves and Sleep Patterns

Christopher Jennings     1:30        

Chiropractic Care and Asthma, Allergies, Chronic Headaches, and Chronic Migraines

Jarrod Smith      2:00        

Chiropractic Spinal Alignment & Baseball Players Speed

Julissa Urbiola   2:30        

Familial Smoking Habits and How a Teenager is Impacted

Danyel Cateau  3:00        

Race and Two Silent Killers: Asthma and Hypertension

Ruthie Southall    3:30

Eye Healthcare and Country Development

Turner Markwalter         1:00

Political Views and News Station Preference

Christopher Roach           1:30

Healthcare Funding and Treating ADHD in America

Max Coughtry   2:00

Personality Versus Economic Risk

Henry Huang     2:30

Immigration on Religiosity

Rigo Giron          1:00        

Rest on Memory Retention

Caitlyn Cameron              1:30        

Do Our Subject Preferences Change How We Solve Problems?

Marco Mancuso               2:00        

Musical Memory

Joshua Dawson                 2:30        

Film in the Classroom

Anna Manley                     3:00        

Note-taking Styles and Retention

Sam Wender           3:30

Sketchucation: the Power of Drawing

Kiernan Robinson            1:00

Personalities' Relationship to Musical Preferences

Parris Waller                     1:30

Music Genres and Natural Instinct and Personality

Carleigh Futral                  2:00

Music on One’s State of Mind

Kimberly Price                  2:30

Socioeconomic Status and Modern Hip-Hop

Ashleigh Cochran             3:00

Buying Happiness: SES and Relationships

Andy Huang                       3:30

SES and High School Students Perceived Self-Efficacy

Rylie Geraci                        1:00        

Different Types of Sports on Female Body Image

Madison Henry                 1:30        

Self-Perception: Athletes vs. Non-athletes

Ian McCullough                2:00        

Cognitive Processes and Personality on Emergent Leadership

Allison Moss                      2:30        

Selling Skinny: Manipulation in Photographic Advertisements

Kristen Bharadwaj           3:00        

The Effects of Divorce on Children

Claudia Checo          3:30
 What Does "Beauty" Look Like?

Cameron Buxton              1:00        

Worker Computer Expertise and IQ Test Scores

Nicholas Edwards            1:30        

The Unperceived and the Self-Perceived

Khemisha Brown              2:00        

Hemispheric Brain Dominance on Engineering Career Success

Gabby Gonzalez               2:30        

Voice Identification Between Familiar Listeners