Magnet Student of the Week

★ Magnet Students of the Week! ★

Each week, one hard-working student from each grade earns the honor of North Cobb’s Magnet Student of the Week. These special students embody the characteristics that a Magnet Warrior must demonstrate on a daily basis: work ethic, leadership, creativity, curiosity, perseverance, a love of learning, and a desire to grow as a scholar of global travel and education. 

Thank you, Warriors, for being the Best of the Best! 

Denisse Galvan-Aguirre (12)
Claire Isbitts (12th)
Giselle Juarez (11th)
Emmanuela Ejoga (12th)
Sophia Joita (10th)
Maks Bardwell (11th)
Guilherme Oliveira Dos Santos (9th)
Roderick Lewis shines for his 10th grade class each and every day.
Roderick Lewis (10th)
Tyler Jann (9th)
9th grader Brielle Miller shows dedication and grit each and every day here at North Cobb High School.
Brielle Miller (9th)
Tristin Shestag (12th)
Jack Brillinger (11th)
Shiv Tanti (10th)
Ronan An (9th)

North Cobb Warriors at Work!

Amsha Shastrula (12th)
Sophia Valdez (11th)
Ben Bar (10th)
Thalia Johnson (9th)
Lucy Costello (12th)
Gabi Haigh (11th)
Sophia Walker (10th)
Kaleigh Williams (9th)
Aubrey King (12th)
Laila Sain (11th)
Kennedy Erickson (10th)
Anderson Johnson (9th)