College Visits

The following colleges and universities are scheduled to visit North Cobb High School.  11th and 12th grade students can attend by signing up in the counseling office prior to the day of the visit.

Magnet Students should take advantage of the opportunity to establish contact with the regional representative who speaks and to gain a greater sense of the programs offered, competitiveness of the school and qualities sought among applicants.



Johnson & Wales (RI)                                                     10/3/2017            2:30 PM

Ohio State University (OH)                                           10/4/2017            2:30 PM

Auburn University Main Campus (AL)                      10/4/2017            9:00 AM

University of South Carolina (Columbia SC)           10/5/2017            9:00 AM

Emory University (GA)                                                   10/5/2017            2:30 PM

George Washington University (DC)                         10/6/2017            9:00 AM

Davidson College (NC)                                                   10/6/2017            2:30 PM

Valdosta State University (GA)                                   10/10/2017         9:00 AM

Georgia College (GA)                                                      10/10/2017         2:30 PM

Georgia Southern University (GA)                             10/12/2017         9:00 AM

Kennesaw State University (GA)                                10/13/2017         2:30 PM

Shorter College (GA)                                                       10/17/2017         9:00 AM

University of Montevallo (AL)                                     10/17/2017         2:30 PM

Oglethorpe University (GA)                                         10/19/2017         2:30 PM

Mississippi State (MS)                                                    10/23/2017         9:00 AM

University of Tennessee (TN)                                      10/31/2017         9:00 AM

Washington College (MD)                                            11/1/2017            9:00 AM

Wesleyan College (GA)                                                  11/7/2017            2:30 PM