Congratulations to Jack Dobkin (NCSIS c/o 2015) and Ms. Carolyn Galloway (AP World History teacher), named STAR Student and STAR teacher for NCHS, 2015!

Each year the Kiwanis Club of Marietta recognizes a STAR student from each Cobb County high school. STAR student selection is based on a combination of student G.P.A, overall SAT score, and overall service to community.
Ms. Galloway wrote of Jack,
“As a student, Mr. Dobkin’s exemplary academic record speak to his drive and intellectual acuity, but it is his engagement with the North Cobb community– both within the school and outside of it– which truly sets him apart from others. Beyond the classroom, Mr. Dobkin is involved in both community and extracurricular events. Mr. Dobkin has created and maintained a peer tutoring network at North Cobb High School over the past three years, helping to match students who need extra support with students who have previously excelled in various subject areas. Mr. Dobkin is also active in the local community, working with the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce’s youth leadership program and volunteering his time to work on the political campaigns. He has been selected as a representative to national leadership workshops such as the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Program and is an active participant and supporter of events held within our North Cobb High School community. In short, Mr. Dobkin is an engaged, committed, and innovative member of our North Cobb community.”